IF – Capable

This weeks word made me think of my children and more specifically my son. He is my youngest and so I still wonder about his personality, and what he will be capable of some day. Will he be a fireman, a rock star, something all together more interesting? Thanks for looking.


IF – Fluid

Nothing more fluid than an underwater birthday party with an octopus! Drew this in Illustrator and added in papers to the background using InDesign. Hope you like it.

IF – Popular

With Zombies becoming so popular, I decided to model some tough zombie fighting chicks that were modeled from actual women that I worked with. We all discussed one that how we would choose to survive a zombie apocalypse and I think we came up with some pretty amazing ideas.

IF – Suspense

I was inspired by the movie Big Miracle and thought what could be more suspenseful than fishing and hooking a whale? I’m sure quite unlikely but I saw this image in my head before I even started it. Thanks for looking!

IF – Forward

A friend told me that Forward made her think of bowling, so that’s where I went with it. This one was a little daunting because I made the entire scene, and I’m still not entirely happy with it. I have so much to learn about facial features, the human body and my own “style.” Thanks for looking!


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