IF – Popular

With Zombies becoming so popular, I decided to model some tough zombie fighting chicks that were modeled from actual women that I worked with. We all discussed one that how we would choose to survive a zombie apocalypse and I think we came up with some pretty amazing ideas.


4 responses to “IF – Popular

  1. This is a great bunch of tough chicks! I love all the accessories, though I have to admit I am not sure how handcuffs or a cute alien plant are going to help in the fight against zombies. I think all this stuff would make a cool zombie-fighting chick paper doll set! (Also I’m not sure flip flops are good running/fighting shoes.) 🙂

  2. Haa haa, love the plant from Plants vs Zombies. Also confused about the handcuffs and is the girl in the middle going to drown herself? Great characters.

  3. Designerd

    OK, should probably clear it up. First girl would find a cabin to live in, stock up on supplies, grow her hair long like Laura Croft and then kills zombies. Second girl would find a very strong man and use sexual favors to trade for protection from zombies, lol. The third girl was doing Hyper Fit and she would use her strength and the kettle bell she’s wielding on a rope. The fourth girl would use the skills she learned in plants vs. zombies to protect herself and the last girl would wear tight fitting clothes and carrying a giant knife/sword. As for the flip flops, ah, just decided it looked cute with the outfit. 🙂

  4. Good looking gang, the zombies are going to be annihilated in no time! ❤

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