IF – Capable

This weeks word made me think of my children and more specifically my son. He is my youngest and so I still wonder about his personality, and what he will be capable of some day. Will he be a fireman, a rock star, something all together more interesting? Thanks for looking.


5 responses to “IF – Capable

  1. So cute! Lovely composition, too. All those cute little accessories are great! And thanks for clearing up that business with the zombie fighting chicks. It all makes sense now… lots of different strategies!

  2. Beautiful work (: Love your style & colour palette.

  3. so lovely and nice idea 🙂

  4. susan

    Very cute illustration …Nicely done!

  5. It would be very convenient if storks actually brought the necessary equipment too! What a great concept, & I like the cut-paper effect too.

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