IF – Swamp

I wanted to do something that was more character like this time and do another animal. I don’t know if this image is done, but wanted to convey a silly side of what swamp could be. Thus was born “Swamp Life” three lovely amphibians enjoy a soak in the sun on their lily pads. Thanks for looking!


IF – Shades

This week shades brought to mind an entirely different image after my dad suddenly needed immediate medical attention. To make a long story short, we all became aware of an impending heart problem and subsequently he received a pacemaker today. He is doing amazingly well and already feels so much better. I can see shades of myself in  both of my parents and have learned over the last 3 days just how much I love the both of them. Thanks for looking this week. ❤

IF – Yield

Sometimes you just have yield to the rain and throw on your galoshes, grab an umbrella and enjoy the puddles. This was done as a fabric idea. Thanks for looking!Image

IF – Intention

This poor little cupcake, happy to be “Today’s Special” has no idea of the intention of that hand reaching in to get a taste. I didn’t get as far with this as I’d like to but hoping to get some color on it shortly. On a side note, wanted to show my sketch with it as it’s the first one I’ve started with my brand new Bamboo Capture, that I absolutely love!!!



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