IF – Swamp

I wanted to do something that was more character like this time and do another animal. I don’t know if this image is done, but wanted to convey a silly side of what swamp could be. Thus was born “Swamp Life” three lovely amphibians enjoy a soak in the sun on their lily pads. Thanks for looking!


13 responses to “IF – Swamp

  1. Cool I have yet to draw anything or this week’s theme!

  2. I love the blue frog. She is quite beautiful.

  3. That’s a nice and interesting illustration. I like the strucxture in the background and in the leaves. Because of the sunglasses this also matches IF’s last week topic :D.

  4. Crazy Cat Girl

    Brilliant! This really made me smile 🙂 I love the texture you’ve got on the lily pads and the little heart shaped sunglasses are fab!

    • Designerd

      I’m glad I could make you smile, it’s like it came suddenly to me last night and I had to finish it! I too love little heart shaped sunglasses.

  5. Great texture & pattern! Very cute!

  6. that is a nice way to be in a swamp!

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