IF – Explore



It has been far too long since I last submitted, but better late than never I always say. Sometimes it takes deep exploration to find love and what better place than in the city? I hope you enjoy this.


IF – Vocal

I was totally inspired by the first episode of this seasons Mad Men and Megan’s rendition of Zou Bisou Bisou. Couldn’t get that song out of my head for days and now you can enjoy it once again. Thanks for looking!

IF – Return

UPDATED – in color. It’s meh. Not feeling like it looks good, but not every one is winner now is it?

So, it’s Spring and with that comes the return of baseball! I’ve started this illustration as an all girl team. So far they are just line work, but hopefully by tomorrow they will be in full color! Thanks for looking.

IF – Swamp

I wanted to do something that was more character like this time and do another animal. I don’t know if this image is done, but wanted to convey a silly side of what swamp could be. Thus was born “Swamp Life” three lovely amphibians enjoy a soak in the sun on their lily pads. Thanks for looking!

IF – Shades

This week shades brought to mind an entirely different image after my dad suddenly needed immediate medical attention. To make a long story short, we all became aware of an impending heart problem and subsequently he received a pacemaker today. He is doing amazingly well and already feels so much better. I can see shades of myself in  both of my parents and have learned over the last 3 days just how much I love the both of them. Thanks for looking this week. ❤

IF – Intention

This poor little cupcake, happy to be “Today’s Special” has no idea of the intention of that hand reaching in to get a taste. I didn’t get as far with this as I’d like to but hoping to get some color on it shortly. On a side note, wanted to show my sketch with it as it’s the first one I’ve started with my brand new Bamboo Capture, that I absolutely love!!!



IF – Capable

This weeks word made me think of my children and more specifically my son. He is my youngest and so I still wonder about his personality, and what he will be capable of some day. Will he be a fireman, a rock star, something all together more interesting? Thanks for looking.

IF – Fluid

Nothing more fluid than an underwater birthday party with an octopus! Drew this in Illustrator and added in papers to the background using InDesign. Hope you like it.

IF – Popular

With Zombies becoming so popular, I decided to model some tough zombie fighting chicks that were modeled from actual women that I worked with. We all discussed one that how we would choose to survive a zombie apocalypse and I think we came up with some pretty amazing ideas.

IF – Suspense

I was inspired by the movie Big Miracle and thought what could be more suspenseful than fishing and hooking a whale? I’m sure quite unlikely but I saw this image in my head before I even started it. Thanks for looking!

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