In A Pickle.

Not really, just working on a project with my 8 year old daughter. She wrote a really cute story about a community of pickles. Below are the start of characters, a brother and sister name Penny and Pete! Hopefully rendering these digitally very soon. Thanks for looking.


IF – Return

UPDATED – in color. It’s meh. Not feeling like it looks good, but not every one is winner now is it?

So, it’s Spring and with that comes the return of baseball! I’ve started this illustration as an all girl team. So far they are just line work, but hopefully by tomorrow they will be in full color! Thanks for looking.

IF – Intention

This poor little cupcake, happy to be “Today’s Special” has no idea of the intention of that hand reaching in to get a taste. I didn’t get as far with this as I’d like to but hoping to get some color on it shortly. On a side note, wanted to show my sketch with it as it’s the first one I’ve started with my brand new Bamboo Capture, that I absolutely love!!!



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